Deciphering Mortgage Calculations to Get the Home You Really Want

You have done your research, contacted multiple lenders, and all of a sudden you are faced with an overwhelming number of options: adjustable rate mortgages, fixed rate plans, fixed terms, and more. Looking to finance a home comes with a lot of numbers and mortgage calculations that can be difficult to comprehend. Using a loan calculator can help homebuyers find out exactly what those numbers mean for their checkbooks.

Mortgage Calculators Can Save You Time

If you are overwhelmed trying to figure out every mortgage calculation, a mortgage calculator can do the job for you. By comparing costs, interest rates, and terms for each loan option, the mortgage calculator shows exactly what your monthly payments would be and helps you figure out your best option.

Loan Calculator Options

There are loan calculators available for every type of loan. Fixed rate mortgage calculators display the monthly payment, the length of the loan, and the interest rate. Loan calculators that determine monthly payments for adjustable mortgages are a little more involved. These mortgage calculations include:

  • Loan Amount
  • Initial interest rate
  • Length of loan
  • Number of months to first rate adjustment
  • Current value of adjustable rate mortgage
  • Maximum interest rate charge

Once all the information is entered, you can have a more manageable set of numbers to help you decide what type of mortgage plan fits your budget.  

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