June 2010 Mortage Articles

Mortgage Refinance: 5 Smart Uses For Your Savings

June 09th, 2010

You’ve hit “calculate” on a free mortgage refinance calculator, and you see that you can save several hundred dollars a month by refinancing your mortgage. Now what to do with...  Read More

Fed appears poised to continue current rate policy

June 08th, 2010
Throughout much of 2009, investors and market watchers wondered when the Federal Reserve would begin to increase the Federal Funds and Federal Discount Rates from their record lows. Such increases...  Read More

Mortgage Rates Steady As Refinances Continue To Increase

June 04th, 2010

Mortgage rates have been stuck on LOW. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke comments on jobs, what does that mean to mortgage rates? With little economic data to move the mortgage markets...  Read More

Mortgage Rates Start June Under 5%

June 02nd, 2010
Mortgage rates continue to favor those seeking refinance mortgages to lower monthly mortgage payments, consolidate debt or get on track to an early pay-off of their mortgage to become mortgage...  Read More

Mortgage Insurance: How--And When--To Cancel It Early

June 01st, 2010

When considering a home purchase or refinance, many homeowners may be obligated to pay mortgage insurance if they do not have at least 20% down payment/equity. This may seem like...  Read More