July 2010 Mortage Articles

Government Debt Not Hurting Residential Mortgage Rates

July 14th, 2010

Despite the official United States debt now topping $13 trillion, new debt issued by the Treasury Department is being highly sought after by investors. This is helping counter fears of...  Read More

How To Time Locking In Your Mortgage Rate

July 13th, 2010
“Do you think we should lock in our mortgage rate today?” This is perhaps the number one question asked of mortgage originators — and certainly the hardest to answer. There...  Read More

Mortgage Rates Even Lower, Refis Increase More, and Other Mortgage News

July 09th, 2010
Mortgage rates dropped even lower this past week, keeping free mortgage refinance calculators busy again. With little economic news published this week, politics are the focus of the mortgage industry....  Read More

How To Calculate Mortgage Insurance Payments With Mortgage Calculators

July 07th, 2010

Online mortgage calculators are great tools for determining mortgage refinance options, compliance with prequalification guidelines, and other factors for your mortgage needs. However, mortgage calculators do not always provide fully...  Read More

Refinance From Interest-Only or ARM to a Potentially Higher Payment? You Bet!

July 06th, 2010

Even with today’s historically low mortgage rates, many homeowners with Interest-Only or Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) are deciding not to refinance. Why? Because their monthly mortgage payments may stay the...  Read More

7 Tips For Purchasing A Bank-Sold Home

July 01st, 2010

In many parts of the country, particularly those hardest hit by the housing bust, the best home purchase deals may often be bank-sold. That’s because many homes have been foreclosed...  Read More