August 2010 Mortage Articles

Mortgage Rates Continue Down With Flat Economic Data

August 13th, 2010

All the economic data released this week presented a very flat picture of the national economy. The positive first quarter has been replaced by stagnation. As investors, economists, politicians and...  Read More

FHA insurance rates to change increasing payments

August 09th, 2010
On Friday August 6th the bill HR 5981 cleared the House of Representatives and headed to President Obama’s desk for signature. When signed into law HR 5981 will grant greater...  Read More

Personal spending flat in stores, up for homes and mortgages

August 06th, 2010
For the week the overall economic numbers continue to be flat or slightly negative. In the mortgage and housing industries a bit of positive news goes a long way. As...  Read More

Can you qualify for a mortgage if you were recently unemployed?

August 04th, 2010

With the Labor Department citing 14.6 million unemployed in June there are many homeowners who have been without a job in the past year, or more. With mortgage rates low,...  Read More

Will the Fed keep mortgage rates low? If so, how?

August 03rd, 2010
Mortgage rates for conventional and FHA mortgages have been at all time lows for several months. Continued economic news has kept rates from climbing, but for how long? As investors...  Read More