November 2010 Mortage Articles

Credit problems? High-balance mortgage? Refi problems? Try FHA

November 11th, 2010

In the current economy plenty of American homeowners have increased their credit card balances and other debts to make ends meet. Often circumstances may have pushed your credit score down,...  Read More

Mortgage rates: Can you time the bottom?

November 09th, 2010
Everyone wants to hit the bottom of the market when buying and the top of the market when selling. Right now you may be waiting to time the bottom of...  Read More

Recent news gives mixed predictions for future mortgage rates

November 06th, 2010
Elections, announcements, economic news, all with impact on the housing and mortgage markets. What sense to make of it all, and how can it help you with your new home...  Read More

QE2: Fed to buy more debt in attempt to push economy forward

November 03rd, 2010

Evidently long term interest rates are not low enough, at least in the eyes of the Federal Reserve. Stating a sluggish economy that has been slow to recover jobs and...  Read More

U.S. Census Bureau: Home ownership remains steady in 3rd quarter 2010

November 02nd, 2010
Despite record foreclosures, the percentage of Americans who own their homes remains fairly stable. Demand for home ownership appears to be steady. Mortgage calculators are helping show the affordability of...  Read More