November 2011 Mortage Articles

Online mortgage relief scams shut down

November 22nd, 2011

A Special Inspector General for the U.S. government has shut down alleged mortgage relief scam programs that target financially distressed homeowners by promising mortgage payment relief in exchange for upfront payment....  Read More

U.S. home ownership still strong, says study

November 16th, 2011

Despite the recent housing bubble bust and downturn, many still aspire to be homeowners, and a recent study presented at the National Association of Realtors conference showed substantial benefits to wealth accumulation with home ownership....  Read More

Fewer permits issued for new homes in July

November 07th, 2011

Fewer permits were issued for new houses in July 2011, compared with the previous month. Permits for new houses fell 3.2 percent, more than analysts had expe...  Read More

Sales of existing homes fall in July 2011

November 07th, 2011

Existing home sales fell in July 2011 from an upwardly revised June, but were higher than a year earlier, according to the National Association of Re...  Read More

Mortgage delinquency rate fell in second quarter 2011

November 07th, 2011

Fewer borrowers were behind on mortgage loan payments in the second quarter of 2011, compared with a year earlier, according to TransUnion. The national mort...  Read More

Underwater no more with an FHA short refinance

November 07th, 2011

Many homeowners owe more on their homes than they are worth, and are concerned about their ability to make their payments, refinance or sell their homes. The FHA Short Refi program may be the answer....  Read More

FHA mortgage insurance premiums may be partly refundable

November 07th, 2011

If you sell your home (and the buyer does not assume your FHA loan), or refinance your FHA mortgage during its first 36 months, a portion of your original Upfront MIP is returned to you or credited to your new upfront insurance premium. Here's how to calculate your refund....  Read More

Mortgage impound accounts for taxes and insurance

November 07th, 2011

Your Good Faith Estimate (GFE) shows everything is in order…but wait! Why are you being charged more than one years' worth of property tax and insurance premiums at the moment you buy or refinance your house?...  Read More