'Debt Consolidation' articles

Mortgage Rates Start June Under 5%

June 02nd, 2010
Mortgage rates continue to favor those seeking refinance mortgages to lower monthly mortgage payments, consolidate debt or get on track to an early pay-off of their mortgage to become mortgage...  Read More

Mortgage Products On The Chopping Block In Washington

May 26th, 2010

While many cheer the financial reform legislation working its way through Washington due to the restraints it will put on Wall Street, lost in the reporting are the impacts on...  Read More

Fannie Mae Tightens Credit Score Requirements for Refinances & Purchases

May 24th, 2010
Effective June 19, 2010, Fannie Mae will impose higher credit score requirements and lower loan-to-value requirements on many mortgage products. Most impacted will be refinance mortgage applications. From purchase applications...  Read More

Low Mortgage Rates & Early Payoff Save You Hundreds Of Thousands

May 11th, 2010

Watching the stock markets drop over 5% this past week, did you check your 401(k) or other retirement accounts to see how much you lost? Has your retirement portfolio recovered...  Read More

6 Steps To A Mortgage Loan--How The Process Works

May 05th, 2010

You have used a free mortgage calculator and considered different mortgage amounts and mortgage rates and mortgage payments. You have done your research on the historically low mortgage rates, selected...  Read More

FHA Home Loans for Debt or Mortgage Consolidation

May 02nd, 2010

Too often when looking to consolidate debt or mortgages, homeowners–or their lender–only consider conventional loans. With the decline in home values and tightening of underwriting for conventional mortgages and private...  Read More

Seven Similarities Between Dieting and Debt Consolidation

February 04th, 2010
Ever been on a diet to trim a few extra pounds? Cutting expenses and consolidating debt is like being on a diet. Here are seven ways in which dieting and...  Read More

Home Loans and Debt Consolidation

February 04th, 2010

Many consumers have “had it up to here” with rising credit card costs. Home loan options can help with consolidating costly consumer debt, but there’s more to making this...  Read More