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Mortgage rates jump on politics, not economics

Weekly summaries of economic data and their interpretations can assist you with your mortgage decisions using mortgage calculators. What impacts mortgage rates when there is little economic news? This week...  Read More

Will rising mortgage rates delay housing recovery?

December 08th, 2010
2010 has not seen any significant rebound in the housing markets nationwide. Foreclosures are still prevalent throughout the country, creating over-supply and dampening prices. Many potential buyers are using mortgage...  Read More

Good news in your paycheck -- bad news for your mortgage rate

December 07th, 2010
The relationship between the economy and mortgage rates often has us at odds with ourselves. Do we feel good about bad news or bad about good news? Mortgage calculators are...  Read More

Refinance mortgage applications plunge on rising mortgage rates

December 03rd, 2010
Economic news appears to have taken a back seat to investor foreshadowing. News that should bring lower rates instead sees rates climb. Refinance calculators should be getting a workout as...  Read More

Teeter-totter: Mortgage rates and closing costs

December 01st, 2010
How is it that in doing your homework before submitting an application for a new home loan or refinance mortgage that there are such a wide range of rates being...  Read More

Mortgage disclosure forms you must receive: Truth In Lending

November 30th, 2010

When completing a refinance mortgage or new home loan application you will usually receive a package of at least 25 to 30 pages. With a few exceptions almost all the...  Read More

Purchase mortgage applications rise on increased consumer confidence

November 26th, 2010
While Americans gave thanks and took a national holiday on Thursday the economy did not stop. Economies never stop. Mixed reports had an impact on mortgage rates this week. Mortgage...  Read More

Mortgage forms: The new HUD Good Faith Estimate

November 24th, 2010

Among the many results of the housing and mortgage market crisis that began in 2008 has been an increase in disclosures for mortgage applicants, and stiffer penalties for mortgage originators...  Read More