Mortgage Calculators With Taxes and Insurance

Mortgage Calculators With Taxes and Insurance

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Comparing different scenarios is what makes this mortgage calculator so powerful. To begin with, it provides a more comprehensive estimate of what your monthly mortgage payment would be for the loan you are considering because it automatically includes both property taxes and insurance in the calculation.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

It's easy!

Just enter the loan terms:

  1. Enter the principal amount of the loan. (The property taxes and insurance fields populate automatically.)
  2. Enter the interest rate you are considering.
  3. Select a term for the loan and click "Calculate."

Optional: You can also add a down payment, extra payment, or PMI payment if you like.

Change the loan terms to help you…

  • Time the market
    Determine your rate ceiling so you know exactly when current mortgage rates meet or exceed what you can afford. Track interest rates easily and with confidence no matter how they fluctuate.
  • Optimize cash reserves
    Experiment with different amounts to help you determine whether to increase your reserves or your down payment.
  • Plan your retirement
    See how reducing the total interest you pay over the life of the loan could help you retire sooner or more securely.

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