Making New Mexico Your Home - The Best New Mexico Mortgage Rates, Resources & Information

Are you considering buying or refinancing a home in New Mexico? Or tapping into your home equity to consolidate high interest debt? If so you've found the right place.

New Mexico offers residents a higher-than-average opportunity for owning a home; the Census Bureau notes that about 70% of New Mexico residents own their homes as compared to about 56% of California residents. As of the fourth quarter of 2008, The National Association of Realtors reports the median price for single family homes in the greater Albuquerque area was $183,700.

For anyone considering buying a home in New Mexico, or those who already one, there are many mortgage loan options and refinancing opportunities/ New Mexico's diverse heritage is reflected in homeownership programs for Native Americans, persons with disabilities, and US military veterans, among others.

Current Mortgage Rates for New Mexico

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