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Texas Mortgages, Home Buyer Education & Down Payment Assistance

Community home buyer assistance programs are widely available in Texas. These helpful programs are typically offered by county or city based agencies. This article contains a partial list of home buyer education and assistance programs from the htm">Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs; you can locate others by contacting your local government. An educational program for first time home buyers provides information about shopping for a home loan, determining affordability, budgeting for home ownership, and understanding home loan options and terms.

Texas Homeowners Face Foreclosure Challenges

Increasing foreclosure rates and falling property values have created problems for homeowners who need to sell their homes or refinance.  Texas residents face particular challenges with foreclosure, as the process is conducted very quickly, often in about 60 days, and homeowners have no rights of redemption after their home has been sold at a Sheriff's sale.

If you are having problems making mortgage payments, don't delay. Please contact your lender immediately, or a certified credit counseling agency. The Federal Trade Commission warns that consumers should check references and beware of "too good to be true" promises made by debt management and "foreclosure assistance" programs. They may be fraudulent.

Another way to get assistance if you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth is to check out recently legislated programs that provide refinance and mortgage modification programs for eligible homeowners. Don't let fear and denial rob you of your home. Take steps to avoid foreclosure today.

Taking advantage of the resources below can help you learn about mortgage loans, and help you match your needs with affordable home loan options. For most of us, our home is the largest investment we'll make in our lifetimes, and it's our own responsibility to the fact and compare lenders and mortgage terms.

Also, please make use of our loan calculators which include a refinance calculator, a mortgage loan rate comparison calculator, and an amortization calculator & amortization chart.  There's also a mortgage calculator to tell you your monthly payments, and an affordability calculator that looks as how much you can spend, and your expenses to show you how much home you can afford.

Current Mortgage Rates for Texas

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